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About Na'Tasha

Integrated Marketing Strategist | Wellness Advocate

As a communications and marketing strategist, I create and tell stories that resonate with audiences and promote brand engagement. With more than a decade of experience in content creation, writing and editing, photography, social media management and analytics, I specialize in the areas of digital communications strategy, content diversity, partnerships and event marketing. 

My favorite stories are those that tell diverse perspectives---whether it's hearing an experience to which you can relate or learning about something you never knew existed. Likewise, I feel the best events are experiences where attendees can find representation, community and new connections. I take pride in bringing stories and events like these to life for individuals and brands.

As a wellness advocate and (very slow) runner, I am also passionate about creating health and fitness content, communities and events that are inclusive and authentic, particularly for Black women and other underrepresented groups.

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