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Fleet Feet Journal - Choose an Accountability Partner to Crush Running Goals Together - Why it Matters Who’s Teaching You About Nutrition

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Short of having a coach or trainer, how can you make sure you stick to your running goals? The answer lies in finding a good running partner. In our latest for Fleet Feet we explore the many benefits an accountability partner can bring to your running regimen. 

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Registered dietitians Vanessa Rissetto and Tamar Samuels first found a connection as colleagues because of how lacking diverse voices were in their field. They were often the only faces of Color where they studied and worked, and they noticed the impact their presence had on the People of Color that they counseled. 


Earlier this year, Rissetto and Samuels launched Culina Health to provide personalized nutrition coaching and science-based online education. 


Well + Good - The Importance of Black Spaces in Wellness - Natasha Hastings: Championship Beauty

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"For many Americans, decisions around wellness and self care include whether they prefer taking a spin class or doing yoga, or which facilities have classes to best fit their schedules. Their pursuit of fitness and being “well” could be viewed as a casual endeavor. For Black people, however, choices around health and wellness are quite literally life and death."

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"On the track, Natasha Hastings is a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, and World and U.S. National Champion. But off the track, she’s also a stylish and savvy businesswoman with her own mink lash business; and charity organization, Natasha Hastings Foundation.

Despite a packed schedule of training, entrepreneurship and life, she is able to manage it all with grace and eye-catching style." 

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"In January, we re-ignited a conversation around running safety for women here at RUNGRL. We knew, from past research and personal experience, that running alone can be downright terrifying for women. 

When we asked the RUNGRL community through our Run Safe 2020 Survey how they felt about running solo, the responses we received made it overwhelmingly clear that this is something that women runners think about All. The. Time."


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